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How do you spend quality time with your kids? Do you ever take the kids out for a good movie or maybe a musical? How young is too young to be taking kids to these shows? Are there some shows that are focused more for adults than for children? If so, how do you determine if these shows are appropriate for your kids? Movies, shows and theater can be a lot of fun for your entire family if you spend a little time researching the show. Visit my blog to get some helpful tips to assist in determining if your kids are ready for a particular movie or show.

A Guide To Getting Into Animation


When you're thinking about jumping onto the animation wave, you've chosen perhaps the best time ever to do so. Today, there's more content out there than most people can keep up with and countless streaming services that let you check out animation from different eras, styles and stories. No matter what makes you gravitate toward animation, you need to know a few steps that will help you dive right in. With this in mind, keep reading and consider these tips. 

#1: Study the source material and artists

If you really want to gain an appreciation for animation, it's important that you start by understanding the best creator. Whether you're thinking about today's superhero animation or classic Disney, there have been creators at every juncture that trail-blazed paths every step of the way. When you find some animation that jumps out at you, look up the names of the creators involved and research other works they've contributed. This will help you learn the various animation styles and influences that have permeated art and pop culture over the years. In many cases, animation is a rendition of another source material, so consider looking into those as well. For instance, you may be able to dive into comic books and start a collection. 

#2: Stay on top of animation news

To really make the most out of your hobby and to learn as much as you can about animation, you also need to stay on top of the latest animation news. This is easy enough to do since society is captivated by animation and fantasy perhaps more than ever. You'll be able to find sites, magazines, YouTube channels and other resources that allow you to really gain an understanding of animation. The more that you know about animation the easier it is for you to know which trends are emerging and which franchises are the best. 

#3: Get the best technology and services

If you really want to learn the ins and outs of animation you'll need to stay on top of the new shows coming out. This means signing up for the services that help you watch the shows on any device. You may want to upgrade your TV so that you're watching your shows on the highest quality device and in the richest color. If this is what you are looking for, getting a 4K TV can be an incredible investment. 

Consider these tips and stay on top of animation news.


20 February 2018