are your kids ready for that show?

How do you spend quality time with your kids? Do you ever take the kids out for a good movie or maybe a musical? How young is too young to be taking kids to these shows? Are there some shows that are focused more for adults than for children? If so, how do you determine if these shows are appropriate for your kids? Movies, shows and theater can be a lot of fun for your entire family if you spend a little time researching the show. Visit my blog to get some helpful tips to assist in determining if your kids are ready for a particular movie or show.

How Can You Become A More Interesting Person By Watching Stand-Up Comedy Documentaries?


Watching a stand-up comedy bit can be a great way to spend a relaxing afternoon. You turn on one episode, and if you happen to be watching on a streaming service, you might look up hours later to find that you've actually been laughing for much longer than you planned to. The feel-good jokes and lightbulb moments you get from a particularly insightful comedian can lighten your load and put you in the perfect mood to go out and face the world. However, stand-up is about so much more than what you see on the stage. If you want to get into the deeper aspects of just what it means to be a performer and hopefully grow at the same time, watching stand-up documentaries is a great way to do it.

Turn Your Lemons Into Lemonade With Stand-Up Documentaries

When you begin to really take in stand-up documentaries, you're bound to discover that there are lots of comedians out there who have had extremely difficult lives. The "Sad Clown" is a running parody describing some stand-up jokesters who battle with all kinds of tough emotions and mental conditions. As you dig deep into the documentaries and learn just how much comedians have to fight through in order to create a winning set, the newfound information may be able to help you deal with conditions in your own life.

Think of what it would take for an individual who is leaving a brutal home environment to get on stage and purposefully battle past their own feelings just to bring a smile to the faces of their audience. Then, once you've captured that emotion, use it on a daily basis. When circumstances arise that would ordinarily cause anger or frustration to come up, transmute the feeling into one where you see the bright side of things. This could potentially revolutionize your life!

Use Documentaries To Extend Care To Others

In a world that is increasingly becoming more centered around the self, you can be a bright light in your community. Just like the comedians on the documentaries were willing to take the time to put together witty jokes that make other people laugh, strive to do the same thing with the folks in your very own household. Bring joy to the lives of your loved ones every chance you get.

There is so much to glean from stand-up documentaries. Add a few to your playlist and let them lead you down a path of self-development. Look into stand-up comedy documentaries to get started.


9 November 2020